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About Mary

When I was teaching school, we had a unit on Oklahoma history and always wrapped it up with a look at Tulsa history. That is when I met Kelly. For 13 years, I took her tour and fell in love with the history of this city. I am not a native Oklahoman, but my husband is, and I love hearing about his family's history.

When I retired, it seemed only natural to ask Tours of Tulsa for a job. It is the best part-time job I have ever had.

History is a story. It can be good, bad, sad, or happy. If I can present our tour as a fascinating story that people want to hear, it's my hope that they, too, will fall in love with Tulsa. I love meeting new people. Giving tours has allowed me to meet hundreds of fascinating people from all over the world.

My husband and I enjoy camping and have traveled all over the United States in our 21-foot travel trailer. As we travel, I love researching small towns we travel through and taking my husband on mini-tours as if I lived there. When we're at home, I enjoy sewing and cross-stitching and long walks. I like watching NASCAR, football, and baseball. We have three children and four grandchildren that fill our lives with joy.

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Servicing Tulsa for over 35 years, our tour guides are passionate ambassadors of Tulsa and its history who create engaging and unforgettable experiences for your group.